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Why You Should Leave Septic Repair to Professionals

A Septic Tank
As a homeowner, there are probably a handful of maintenance tasks you're willing to attempt on your own. Perhaps you're comfortable with light electrical work or installing a hardwood floor. However, even if you consider yourself reasonably handy, there's one particularly dirty job that you should always leave to the professionals: septic system repair.
That's not to say you can't use a plunger to fix a clogged toilet or snake out a slow-draining bathtub. But if you're experiencing a system-wide plumbing issue — with multiple toilets, sinks, and baths affected — it could be due to a problem with your septic system outside. Let's look at five reasons you should always leave septic repair to the pros.
Reason #1: They're Called Professionals for a Reason
There's no substitute for experience. A qualified septic professional knows exactly what to look for when they examine your septic tank, and once they've diagnosed the issue, they'll know the best way to go about fixing it.
The reality is that most septic system issues are beyond the scope of the average homeowner. Without the tools and know-how, you can't fix a leak in your septic tank, or repair your drain field. Besides, septic tanks are quite complex. You certainly wouldn't try to pump your own septic tank, so why would you try to fix it?
Reason #2: Septic Repair Requires Heavy Equipment
Hopefully, your septic issue ends up being a simple fix, like a clogged waste pipe. However, if there's a leak in the septic tank or an issue with the leach field, you're looking at an expensive, time-consuming ordeal.
Major septic repairs usually require heavy digging. Heavy digging requires heavy construction equipment, which most homeowners don't have laying around their property. Fortunately, your local septic repair company has access to backhoes, excavators, and anything else that your repair might require.
Reason #3: Septic Repair Is Dangerous Work
Septic repair involves exposure to toxic waste and gases, including methane and hydrogen sulfide. Professionals have the necessary safety equipment, and the training, to deal with the hazardous conditions that go with the job.
Even performing a simple tank inspection can be dangerous. By opening the lid and peek your head in, you can quickly be overcome by toxic gas — and rendered unconscious. If this happens, there's a chance you could fall into the tank, which can result in death.
When it comes to your safety, don't take any unnecessary risks — call a professional for any septic system issues.
Reason #4: Septic Repair Is Very Dirty Work
Beyond the health hazards inherent in septic repair, the conditions are pretty far from ideal. At the bottom of your septic tank is sludge, which is the result of bacteria breaking down your solid waste. At the top floats all of the oil and grease that has made its way into the tank. The middle layer is composed of wastewater, known as effluent.
On the whole, the contents of your septic tank don't make for pleasant working conditions. If it sounds like your idea of fun, you're probably in the wrong line of work. If not, it's time to call in the pros.
Reason #5: You'll Probably End up Calling Them Anyway
Even if you do manage to diagnose your septic issue, what are the chances that you'll be able to fix it? Without the requisite tools and know-how, you're probably not going to get too far.
Septic work is dangerous, dirty, and difficult. If you think you're having an issue with your septic system, save yourself the trouble and call a professional right away.
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