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Jet and Vacuum Sewer Cleaning for Orlando, Florida

Give Your Sewage a Place to Go

A lot of stuff ends up down in our sewers. Whatever is flushed down a drain ends up in the same place, so you can imagine what that’s like. It’s filthy, congested and generally a terrible place to be.
There’s no question that a sewer is a dirty place. However, when sewers end up too dirty or clogged, it can create serious problems for the community. Fortunately, Drainage Solutions – Septic Repair & Service is on call to help clear out even the most blocked sewer and keep the flow moving in the right direction.


Whatever your sewer’s condition happens to be, we can break through it with our powerful jet and vacuum cleaning system. Our jet spray offers an incredible amount of pressure that we use to scrape out all of the filth that has built up.
We follow that up with our air vacuuming pumps, which will clear your sewers of everything we wash out. Between the two processes, your sewers will be manageable and useful for you for years to come.

Clearing out the Worst Sewers

There’s no way to avoid it: your sewer is going to be dirty. That’s just the nature of the system.
However, you can still have a manageable sewer line, one which actually pumps your sewage where it needs to go with little hassle. In our more than 25 years of experience in this industry, we’ve helped numerous Orlando communities get control of their sewer lines. We know that we can assist you and meet your needs, whatever they happen to be.

Improve Your Conditions Today

You want the best professionals in the business to handle your sewer cleaning. When it comes down to it, you want our team to work for you.
Drainage Solutions – Septic Repair & Service has helped the wider Orlando community get control of its sewage problems for almost three decades. We are more than capable of helping you with your situation. Call us today for free and friendly professional advice.